6 Questions to Ask When Hiring your Female Personal Trainer in Vancouver

As a female Personal Trainer in Vancouver with a degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science, and over 15 years of experience, I’m listing my top 6 questions to ask when hiring your female Personal Trainer here in Vancouver.

I’ve trained over 400 health-conscious people who genuinely want to feel confident and good in their bodies. I also have been through a fair amount of questions from potential clients who wanted to know more about me before they hired me.  

To me, these are the most important questions I think you should ask your Personal Trainer, after all, that’s the type of information I’m looking into before I hire my own trainer too.

6 Questions to Ask When Hiring your Female Personal Trainer in Vancouver

1. What are your credentials, qualifications, and certifications? 

You’re trusting a Personal Trainer with your body and your health so it’s important to find out what their qualifications, their training, and maybe even their specializations are. While there are different levels of qualifications, it’s worth noting what they are.

2. What’s your level of training experience?

What’s their past experience? How long have they been training for? Do they have qualifications and experience training in areas you’d like or need support with?

3. Where is the training location and what’s that like?

Does your female Personal Trainer provide online training or in-person training? If it’s in-person training, would this be at a gym? And if yes, where is the gym located, and what is that gym like?

4. What’s your training approach and philosophy?

What is the general training approach and philosophy of the female personal trainer? Is it all ‘no pain, no gain’ or do they take a more holistic approach to provide information on nutrition, healthy lifestyle choices, habit creation, mindset etc.?  Does this workout approach align with what you’re looking for?

5. How will they help you meet your goal?

Share your reason for considering a female Personal Trainer and ask how they would help you meet your goal. What would be required for you to meet your goal and what are options to get to that goal?  

6. What’s the chemistry like between you both?

That question is for yourself. Can you see yourself work with them? Do you trust them to help you with your fitness goals? Will your Personal Trainer challenge you and hold you accountable? Do you need someone who’s patient and non-judgemental? Would it be this trainer? 

Now it’s your turn…

Finding the best female Personal Trainer in Vancouver for you will hopefully be easier now that you’ve got some guiding questions and tips to look out for.

If you’re interested in finding out how I help my clients at The Firm Athletica be confident and strong – both mentally and physically – by combining my experience as a certified Mental Fitness Life Coach with my expertise as a female Personal Trainer, then 
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