Workout Motivation: How to keep up your fitness in Fall and Winter

Keeping motivated for your fitness routine during Fall and Winter can be a challenge. Check out my 7 ways for workout motivation during the cold and dark season to stay on track. 

Winter is coming! 

Well, Fall first but it’s the cold season and from my many years of experience with my clients, I just know that when the rain lashes down, it never quite gets bright outside, and low temperatures mean you’ll have to put on a few more layers, it’s so tempting to stay home and skip workouts. 

And in the middle of the Holiday Season, all good intentions and hard fought for healthy routines go out the window leaving my clients feeling guilty, sluggish, and low on motivation for working out.

What’s the solution? 

Well, first up, I want you to have a good time and fun! We deserve good things. 

AND I also want you to keep your ultimate longer-term health or fitness goals in mind. Both are possible at the same time – guilt-free.

Here’s how to keep your workout motivation for your fitness routine in Fall and Winter.

Stay Seasonal

In addition to your gym workouts, try out Fall and Winter specific sports, especially outdoor ones like skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. 

Switching up your routine to learn something new or to challenge your body in different ways is always a good option for getting excitement and motivation back into your workouts.

Go Dream Team

Fall means certain team sports start up again which can add a wonderful social and motivational aspect to getting fit. 

Check out what local clubs or leagues offer team sports that might be for you. I’m talking about soccer, volleyball, tag rugby, roller derby, and many more.    

Keep It Light

Be conscious of how much time you spend indoors and how much precious daylight you’ll get during the cold season. When days are shorter and greyer, a lack of natural daylight can significantly impact our mood, drive in general, and also motivation to work out. 

Get outside as much as you can, even if it’s for a short walk.  

Rock Your Workouts

A super simple way to boost your energy levels naturally and to stay motivated is to work out. So, in order to stay motivated for your workouts, keep showing up to your workouts.

Simple, right ?!

Remember Your Reason

When everyone around you indulges in yet another round of drinks, big feasts, skips a set of workouts, and discards routines that got you this far, a good way to stay motivated and on track is to remember your own reason for working out. I’m not saying not to have fun – because we do absolutely need to have more of that. But an ‘all or nothing approach can backfire on your progress. 

So, what’s your ‘why’ for working out? Here’s a blog on how to use visualization to your benefit.

Watch For Party Pitfalls

Especially during the last months of the year, lots of us tend to be naturally more social during the Holiday and go out more. 

Watch for the pitfalls of partying and then using it as an excuse not to show up for yourself and skip a workout. 

Make it easy on yourself to go the next day. Have your workout bag packed, ready by the door, and confirm with your personal trainer (and workout buddy) that you’ll be showing up the next day.

Buddy Up

Good friends don’t let friends not work out! So, buddy up and bring your friend, partner, or work colleague along to a workout session. This approach is perfect for workout motivation, accountability, and guarantees more fun when you go through your fitness routine. 

Wanna know more? 

Read “5 reasons why working out with a friend is a good idea

You now have several strategies for workout motivation during Fall and Winter. Anticipating what might happen during the cold season to keep you from your fitness routine is the first step to figuring out which of my tips here will help you keep working out and on track.

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