Gym Newbie? 4 things that truly matter for your fitness goals

You’re a Gym Newbie or are going back to the gym after a while away? Here are 4 tips that actually matter to acheive your fitness goals, and a few things not to sweat over.

When I start working with new fitness clients, there’s usually a mix of drive and excitement. Alongside some uncertainty. How to really make the most of the workouts so they’ll actually succeed with their fitness goals. 

What doesn’t matter to achieve your fitness goals

Our mind can be so powerful.

When we notice that we’re being too self-conscious, worry, or even judge ourselves, then that focus and mental energy isn’t available for us to feed into our goals. 

And while it’s a normal way of dealing with change or the unknown, I’d love for my clients to be reassured and not worry about where they are starting from. Your fitness level is what it is and you’re taking the opportunity now to invest in a healthy lifestyle.   

Nip self-judgment in the butt. 

You may have been able to do certain workouts 5 or 10 years ago that you can no longer do now. Fitness levels, just like other parts of our lives, change. Accept your new normal and give yourself some credit for working on a change now.

Sometimes I hear about working out in a gym being somewhat daunting, with the need to get a bit fitter “… and then I’ll come see you at the gym.” 

I acknowledge those feelings and reactions. Please know that there are all sorts of people from all sorts of backgrounds, walks of life, and fitness levels at the gym. I’ll be there to help you feel a sense of belonging, and that your focus is on your progress, your comfort, your fitness goals. 

Your mindset matters!

We can absolutely work on your success mindset and confidence levels together so you get to achieve your fitness goals.  

4 things that truly matter for your fitness goals 

So, what does matter when it comes to hitting your fitness goals?

There are a few things that actually make a real difference in how efficiently and quickly you’ll see positive results from your workouts. Here are my top 4!

  1. Show up regularly and fully

Showing up regularly and frequently for your workouts is one of the best ways to ensure you’ll hit your fitness goals. Aim for 2-3 times a week at least.

When you do show up regularly, you might as well have a full go at it. You’ve made it to the gym, now make the most of your time there and fully focus on the workout. 

Want to know a great way to ensure higher success with showing up regularly and fully? Have a look at my blog “5 Reasons Why Working Out With Friends Is A Great Idea”.

2. Don’t let setbacks set you back

While you’ll often get hit with all the happy hormones after a workout and feel great. That won’t always be the case. Some workouts might be tough while you’re doing them, others might be tough on your body the day after the workout and you’ll battle sore muscles, especially if you’re a gym newbie. 

Looking at the larger picture and remembering your reason for your fitness goals, helps you keep on track.

And to help you with your sore muscles, check out my blog “How to ease sore muscles and recover faster after a workout”. 

3. Adjust your habits

When you’ve put effort into showing up fully and frequently, it’s easy to fall into the ‘now I’m allowed to do <fill the blank>’ and counter the workout with new or increased unhealthy habits. 

Look into small adjusted changes to your routine to supplement your workout. 

For more tips on creating healthy habits, get my FREE download:

7 Habit-Building Tips To Eating Healthier’ 

4. Mind your mindset

Keep an open mind to see what’s possible for you. Success starts in your mind so keep it real and motivated. 

Regularly check in, acknowledge progress, or celebrate how far you’ve come. Remember that success may also look like being able to lift more or doing more reps for longer etc. 

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So, when it comes down to seeing results with your workouts, it’s good to remember that consistency, a supportive mindset, and a holistic, healthy approach can make all the difference for your fitness goals as a gym newbie. 

If you’d like to chat with me starting to workout (again), simply book us in for a quick call.

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