Summer Beach Workout: Here’s how to make it a success

Here are some simple steps to make your Summer Beach Workout a success. With many great beaches in Vancouver to choose from, follow these steps to make you want to repeat the experience over and over again.

Summer is as good as any time to take your workout outdoors. And if you’re close to a beach why not give a summer beach workout a go? To some this might sound perfect and ideal, others might consider all the implications and logistics of a fitness routine in the sand. 

To help you be prepared and make it a fun, new way to work out, check out these simple yet crucial steps.

How to make your Summer Beach Workout A Success 

Workout Plan

Know what you’ll want to train. Have your workout plan ready and know which equipment, if any, you’ll need to bring. 


Ideally, avoid the hottest parts of the day and aim to train early morning or later in the evening. Added bonus is that you might get to see the sunrise/ sunset and have more space for your beach workout as not as many people might be about.

Sun smart

You’d also want to see if you can make the most of any shaded areas on the beach. 

Consider wearing sunscreen that you can apply well in advance. Runner’s World has put a list of the best sweat-resistant sunscreens together. 

Protective clothing like a baseball cap and long-sleeved, loosely fitted clothing might also be an option for sun protection.


Consider, if it makes sense, wearing protective clothing for your exercise routine and the beach area you’ll train in. Only you’ll be able to assess what’s the best for you, considering the sun, the timing, the location, the workout, etc. 

You may also want to bring a spare change of clothes. Read to the end of the blog to know why

I’d absolutely recommend training without shoes on though. You’ll work your muscles differently and get to engage your senses a bit more with the sand between your toes.

Towels and Mats

Take something to lay on and dry yourself with. So, depending on your workout plan, you’ll most likely want to have at least one towel and a mat.


Bring lots to drink with you. You know how much you need when you’re working out inside or at your usual spots. A summer beach workout requires a lot more water and hydration. Better more than not enough.


Above all, make it a fun experience. Bring a friend along, work out together, cheer each other on, and make your beach workout something special.

And if you’re concerned about being sweaty and having sand on body parts that usually wouldn’t get in contact with sand? 

Jump into the ocean, when and if it’s safe to do so (Vancouver Beach Water Quality reports), or have a quick shower. 

Showers are available at Jericho Beach, Spanish Banks, Kits Beach, and Second Beach to name but a few. 

If you’re unsure which great beaches in Vancouver to go to for your Summer Beach Workout, then the listings on Destination Vancouver and on Vancouver.Ca might help make up your mind.

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