Quick and Healthy Antioxidant Breakfast Smoothie


They are one of the easiest go-to breakfast meals to make. All you need is a few key ingredients and portion control and you have yourself a super healthy meal that can give you so much energy!

I believe that nutrition is major component to helping you start your day on the right path. An easy way to do this is ask yourself a few questions to help make the right choice. Did I balance my meal off with healthy a lean protein, healthy fat and fibrous carbohydrates? Am I eating organic? Am I including foods with a high anti-oxidant profile to ensure I am decreasing inflammation? This is how I created my breakfast smoothie, that is super filling and pretty tasty.

It’s worth stocking a few key ingredients in your pantry that help give your body the proper nutrients and antioxidants that will over time help increase your energy levels and decrease inflammation. This will help with digestion, how your body gets over injuries and help deal with stress.

My key anti-oxidant staples:

Turmeric powder – an extremely powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory substance because it contains curcumin.

Cinnamon– Not only is this spice super tasty, it can reduce your blood sugar levels, reduce your heart risk factors and many other amazing benefits.

Hemp Seeds – They have an excellent ratio fatty acid ratio that is good for our bodies, and helps us absorb other nutrients. These are those good fats we need in our lives!

Collagen Protein Powder – I have only found out about the importance of collagen a few years ago but this article is worth reading to learn about the benefits of why you want to have it!

Maca Powder  – This ancient root has powerful hormonal balancing abilities and helps increase our energy levels.

Blueberry-Spinach Smoothie 


1 scoop Great Lakes Collagen Protein

1 scoop Hemp or Pumpkin Seed protein powder

1 tbsp hemp seeds

1.5 cup water

2 handfuls of spinach (or other greens of choice)

1/2 an apple

1/2 cup blueberries

2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp turmeric

1 tsp maca

Viola! Enjoy 🙂

*Protein powders, I always mix in a second kind of protein powder when I use collagen protein. This is because it is not a complete protein, but it has amazing properties our bodies need! Right now I rotate between Hemp Protein or Pumpkin Seed Protein powder.

**I don’t use any nut milks or dairy because when you blend hemp seeds and water in a high speed blender it creates a nut milk for you!


Xoxo your trainer,





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