Got 5 Minutes? Try This Killer Arm Routine!

December… Fun But So Busy!

I know the holidays are an especially busy time for everyone. It can become a real challenge to get in your regular exercise routine. The good news is you can still get it in no matter how busy your schedule may be. AllĀ  you need 5 minutes and your mind ready to push it!

I have created a 5 minute arm routine so you can feel good in those sleeveless outfits…. (ladies!) Ok and the gentlemen as well, even though sleeveless shirts in the winter might not be your thing.

All You Need Is 5 Minutes!

You are probably thinking, 5 minutes? How could I possibly get a decent arm burn in that short of time? You can it’s all about the effort you put into contracting your muscles in each repetition. The fancy term for this is called dynamic tension. You want to make sure you are exhaling as you push yourself out of each repetition and a short inhale as you get back into the exercise. Keep those muscles tight through the entire set and that’s it!

How To Do It:

Here’s how to get started. Set a timer on your phone for 5 minutes. Perform 8 repetitions of each exercise and as many rounds as you can in 5 minutes. Make sure you are breathing and contracting your muscles through each rep and then once you hear that timer go off, your done! Go and get on with the rest of your day and be proud you were able to squeeze in 5 minutes despite your hectic schedule.

Like these workouts? Questions about the exercises on how they should feel? Let me know and I will continue developing more! Thanks for reading, have an amazing energetic week!

Your trainer,


5 Minute Arm Blast Routine!

Equipment Needed: Cell phone timer and your mind ready to go!

Perform 8 repetitions of each exercise as many rounds as possible. The key is not to rest until you hear that timer go off. You got this!


Wide Grip Pushups

Narrow Grip Pushups

Tricep Dips

Plank Arm Up/Downs

Side Plank Leg Lifts

Side Plank Arm Rotations


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