How to Set Your Fitness Goals

Your Fitness Success Begins With Goal Setting

Trying to make a change in your life without setting a concrete goal can feel like trying to steer a rudderless ship through a thunderstorm. We’re all aware of the importance of goal-setting; it sets your long-term vision with intention, and helps you organize and implement the necessary steps and changes that need to be put into motion to reach your desired place.

Maybe you’ve set goals for your career in the form of a 5- or 10-year plan. Or maybe you’ve set a goal for yourself financially that allowed you to buy that car or take that vacation. Or perhaps you’ve set a personal goal to pick up a new hobby, to learn the guitar or to simply start cooking more at home.


Whatever goals you’ve set for yourself and accomplished, I offer my sincere and warm congratulations! We all deserve props from one another (and from ourselves!) when we set out to do something, and really do it.

The fact that you’re reading this post tells me that you’re motivated to spark some positive change into your fitness routine and overall well-being. To start the necessary steps that will help you feel like your best self, it’s crucial to approach these changes as a process. And in order to set the wheels of this process into motion, you have to set concrete, realistic, measureable goals!

If you’re new to setting fitness goals, I’ve come up with the simple guide below to help you identify your own goals and set them (and yourself) up for success.

Step 1: What are the positive changes I want to see in my life?

What kind of physical changes would you like to see on your body?

How do you want your body to feel?

This step isn’t about hating on your own perceived flaws. It’s more about picturing yourself in your ideal state.

What do you look like? How are you feeling, physically and mentally? Where are you? What are you doing? What are you wearing?

Paint this picture for yourself and hang on to how this ideal state looks and feels to you.

Step 2: Where am I right now?

Physically, mentally and fitness-wise, how do you feel right now?

To create lasting change in your life and to enjoy the journey towards the best possible version of yourself, you need to identify and accept where you are right now. Knowing where you are right now and where you’d like to be can give you realistic and actionable steps on your journey.

Identifying where you are will also give you the ability to reflect back when you’re making progress towards your goal so you can celebrate the little, everyday successes that make up your big end goal.

Please be kind to yourselves and reflect on where you’re at with no judgement. This will help you look at yourself objectively so that you can cement a concrete plan to move towards your fitness goals.

Step 3: What are the steps I need to take?

Write down five things that need to happen in order to help you achieve your fitness goal.

What are some things that you need to start doing in order move towards your goal?

Do you want to start a workout plan? Start eating breakfast every day? Go to bed earlier? Drink more water? Spend more time outside?


Step 4: What can I do right now?

Pick one thing from your list and start it today. Right now, this very second!

It doesn’t have to be perfect. You don’t need the latest running shoes or to wait until the weekend to get things going. It doesn’t matter what it is; just pick one and do it! You’re allowed to make mistakes and to get messy when trying out something new.

The most important thing to do for yourself in these early days is to make a COMMITMENT TO YOURSELF. I promise you, if you pick just one thing from the list to get things going, you’ll start a cascade effect and start picking up those other steps too.

And once you’ve turned those steps into regular habits, you’re on a roll towards bringing that ideal end-goal version of you to life!

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So, there you have it! You’re well on your way — even reading this post is the first initiative you’re taking towards your fitness end goal. You got this! And I know you can do it.

What are some of your fitness goals? Please let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear about the goals that you guys are committing to!