4 Keys for Crushing Your Next Run Race

Yay! Spring is here and that usually means for many of us spending more time outdoors and being active.

Maybe you’ve decided this year your going to run and enteryour first race. Or maybe you are a seasoned veteran and you’re looking to improve your running speed and get the best time ever.

Whatever your goal is, it’s achievable, especially when you have a plan to help you through the training process.

What I want to share with you is a framework I have used over the last few years to stay on top of my training regimen. You can use this for running or any fitness goal you have.

1. Mission – The Big Picture

Start by asking yourself these questions to get a sense whether you have a strong big picture perspective on your plan.

  • What will make me feel creative and fulfilled on race day? This includes…
  • What are the thoughts you want to have when you cross the finish line?
  • What would your ideal race day look like? From the moment you woke up to crossing the finish line?
  • What are your measures of being fulfilled on race day?
  • What actions am i doing that are in alignment with my training goals?

2. Mindset – The Daily Thoughts and Structures

How i want to think, deal with stress, create a good mindset include….

  • What is my daily intention?
  • What do I want my training sessions to feel like?
  • What makes me feel positive? (scenery, friends, time to run, my ability)
  • What am I grateful for? Quickest way to get out of training slump – back to thinking what makes you feel

It’s great to keep a training log, you can track your days and how you felt, what you ate, what were your workouts, what were your thoughts on your run? This can be helpful to see where your at, what is your mindset and also a way to help easy you the night before your run to help push aside doubt and nervousness

3. Body – What are you doing each day?

This seems important doesn’t it?

  • How do you want to feel physically?
  • What are your run workouts you have in place? Tempo? Long runs? Track workouts or hill sprints?
  • What’s your strength training regime? It’s important to have this in place to improve your recovery, your running efficiency and get you seeing some speed! Need some workout ideas tohelp get you stronger? Check out some workouts here and here.
  • What’s your recovery like? Are you stretching? Are you foam rolling? Are you getting massages?Are you getting adequate sleep every night?
  • Nutrition- Are you hydrating? What’s your pre and post race nutrition? Do you have a race day meal plan prepped? Have you tried testing out different foods to see how your stomach settles? Have you tested our gels?

4. Relationships – What’s my support system like?

We are social beings… We thrive with positive, supportive relationships. How does this serve you with your running goals?

  • Do you have a running buddy? You’re much more likely to show up, you wouldn’t want to quit on them. It’s easier to sleep in on yourself but harder to do that when you’ve committed to someone else joining you.
  • Do you have a weekly training group? This is a great way to meet like minded people, try different running workouts you may not do on your own and push your paces harder than sometimes expected. I really believe part of my success to running faster over the years attributed to meeting my weekly run group and staying on it. No matter how tired i was.
  • Friends and family, do they support your runs? Do you need that? Are they coming to cheer you at the finish line? You would be surprised how this support can really create you to excel in your race. It’s invigorating and exciting!
  • What’s your relationship with yourself? How are you treating yourself? This is all encompassing of all 4 frameworks. It’s good to review this and see where you are needing to step it up, where your doing well and where you might need extra support or help.

I hope this framework helps you approach your next race or goal with ease. Feel free to email me at [email protected] or DM me on Instagram (@trainwithemilia) if you are looking for a coach!

Your coach and trainer,