11 Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips: Ideal For Busy, Kickass Women Over 40

Know what nutritious food you need as busy, kickass women over 40, and how to save money and time with my healthy grocery shopping tips.

As a female personal trainer for kickass women over 40, and with over 15+ years of experience as a Kinesiologist, I know just how important the right nutrition is for your health and fitness goals.

However, I also know that you have a full schedule, several roles to juggle, and grocery shopping can feel like a long, necessary chore rather than a quick opportunity to get your body and mind set up for energized days ahead.

So, here I’m sharing my top grocery shopping tips for you to get the most of your shopping in the least amount of time, while also stocking up your pantry with all the best foods for active women over 40.

11 Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips: Ideal For Kickass Women Over 40

1. Plan first, then make your shopping list 

Before you head to the store, scan your kitchen for what you have on hand. Make a meal plan for the week (it doesn’t have to be fancy and detailed but enough so you know what your main meals are going to be). 

Make sure you’ll include and use up any food that is about to expire.

Only then, make your grocery list, listing “like” items together for easier shopping (i.e. all milk products or fruits and vegetables).

Having a list in the first place also means you’ll shop more intentionally, saving both money and time!

2. Must-have nutritious energy boosters

Some perishable food items that are a must for each shopping trip to ensure you’re having healthy protein, fiber, fats, and carbs at hand to keep you fuller for longer and help avoid energy slums are fresh fruits and veggies (especially citrus fruits, tomatoes, peppers, apples, berries, bananas, dark leafy greens), eggs, salmon or chicken, yogurt or cottage cheese, whole grain pasta or rice.

3. Go seasonal + local

Choose fruits and veggies that are in season and are locally sourced – they usually are fresher,  tastier, and because they haven’t had to be ‘conserved’ to travel to you for weeks, they tend to have more nutrients as well. Added bonus: You’ll be supporting local farms.

4. Buy in bulk (but only if it makes sense)

For non-perishable items you buy a lot (like oatmeal or wholegrain rice), buying in bulk can save you money. But if it’s something you don’t use often, it may expire before you have a chance to use it.

You may also find that your freezer is your best friend when buying in bulk for perishable food. Family packs of chicken, berries, or even certain vegetables can do well in the freezer for a couple of weeks, saving you time to source next time you’ll need a shopping trip. Plus you’ll have some nutritious goodies at hand. 

5. If your grocery store has an app, download it

Snag some great coupons based on your shopping history and store maps to help you find items much faster, saving you time shopping.

6. Try store brands & shop sales

Store brands are usually the same quality as name brands but less expensive. When it comes to sales, being flexible is the key – but like bulk items, don’t buy unless it’s something you’re going to use.

7. Read food labels

Most of the items in your cart may not have a label because real “whole” foods don’t need them. For the ones that do? Read and even compare labels between different brands and options to ensure you’re getting the nutrition you need.

You want to aim for whole foods, limited ingredients, ingredients you understand, and reduced fats and sugar (or are at least within your daily recommended allowance). 

8. Verify unit pricing

Definitely also compare the unit price (e.g. per ounce or liter) of different items instead of the price per container. Sometimes those bigger boxes aren’t the deal they appear to be!

9. Know the staff

For when you’re on a roll and have a bit of extra time: Get to know the store’s fishmonger, butcher, and produce manager. They can steer you to great deals on the freshest food or suggest new items to try.

10. Don’t overlook these non-perishable food staples 

You just have to have these easily overlooked healthy, non-perishable food staples in your pantry that are especially good for women over 40 to increase your gut and heart health, boost your energy levels, and have many other benefits:

  • Nuts are healthy snacks filled with fiber, healthy fats, and protein. 
  • Extra virgin olive oil is a great add-on for healthy fats, and anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Beans, especially the darker varieties, are a great source of iron, protein, and antioxidants. 
  • Quinoa has tons of protein and gut-healthy fiber

11. Keep your options open 

Be flexible and prepared to “pivot” your meal plan (and grocery list) based on in-store deals or what the store has on the shelves.

Because sometimes you’ll get surprised by a sale on your favorite berries or wild-caught sockeye salmon… and you just HAVE to have it!

Bonus Tip

A not-so-novel approach any longer but definitely time-saving grocery shopping tip is to explore online grocery shopping. You can get your items delivered or have them ready for pick up in the store. 

You can definitely apply most of my healthy grocery shopping tips for online shopping but the

online option depends on what’s available in your area and what you prefer of course.

Summary For Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips

These 11 healthy grocery shopping tips are tailored specifically for busy, kickass women over 40 who prioritize their health and fitness goals amidst hectic schedules. 

By planning ahead, focusing on nutritious staples, and leveraging smart shopping strategies like buying in bulk and utilizing store apps, you can optimize your shopping experience to save both time and money. 

Emphasizing whole, seasonal, and locally sourced foods while staying flexible and open to in-store deals ensures that your pantry is stocked with nourishing options to support your active lifestyle. 

Whether you’re browsing the aisles in person or exploring online shopping alternatives, these tips empower you to make informed choices and stay on track with your wellness journey.

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