Bone Broth…Why You Want To Start Having It!

This past year has I have been focusing on researching and consuming healing foods for my digestive system. I have been working with a naturopathic doctor and holistic nutritionist and both of them recommended having bone broth as part of a healing regime. This traditional stock used in many forms of cooking it has become increasingly popular to consume not only for flavouring in our food but because it is good for our bodies. The healing properties and nutrients found in bone broth are so amazing that I wanted to share this excellent article I found. It talks about how it can reduce inflammation, heal our gut, help us get over colds quickly and much more.

Here is a simple recipe you can do to make it yourself one Sunday afternoon

Not into that? There are several places around the city you can purchase different types of bone broths. Here are few of the places I go to;

Greens Grocery Market – just off of Broadway and Maple St.

Home On The Range Organics – located off of Broadway between Main St. and Kingsway

The Stock Market – located inside Granville Island Market Place

When you get some time have a quick read and let me know your thoughts. Have you been consuming bone broth for a while? Would love for you to comment below on your experience or any questions you may have on it.

Cheers to building a health movement and community!

xoxo your trainer,




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